Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two Two Two.

+Two shifts at work
+Two papers to write
+Two parties to attend
+Two classes at school
+Two movies to see
+Two sleepless nights

I'm so excited you have no idea :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's love...

I know I gush about them a lot recently, but I just can't help it!
My roommates are my favourite.
They are the cutest of the cute and I'd be so lost here without them
...Probably starving too, because they all cook for me.
I just thought I should probs introduce them if I'm always talking about them :)

Abby is the sweetest. She rents puppies with me, tucks me in when I fall asleep on the couch, shares all her leftovers with me, and we laugh. A lot.
I have known Sarah since I was seven years old, and she is still one of my favourite people ever! Our friendship is awesome. We are so silly together and watch WAY too many TV shows.
Paige is my actual room roommate, and she is a saint. She puts up with my horrible mess, and never complains. She's also super hilarious and so fun, but she is getting married next month and we will miss her :(
Kim. Oh Kim. She and I are basically each other's "significant other." She is the best. And puts up with a lot of my crap. And is kind enough to try and wake me up in the morning for school. I just love that snugglebutt so much :)
And Jess! Jess has a wonderful taste in music. And stayed up till 1am with me my first night here to get to know me. She is so nice and considerate to everyone, and always says hello/goodbye, which makes me smile

So there you go! Apartment Number 2, and all my cuties in it :)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Seattle to Portland.

This weekend, I tagged along with some of my friends from Salt Lake on a roadtrip to Portland!
But I woke up late and had zero time to pack before catching the Frontrunner to meet up with everyone so in my hurry... I left my camera at home. Both of them. I also forgot:
Magazines, movies, things to do in the car, and shoes that didn't have holes in the soles.
(It was just one of those days, ya know?)
Luckily my cute man was able to drive down from Seattle and spend the weekend with me too!
And he remembered his camera, so he documented a small amount of our adventures...
Though a lot of the weekend we just lived in the moment and soaked up all the time we had together :)

Can you believe we hadn't seen each other in two months?!
I was over-the-moon excited to see him.

In honor of this trip, here are some snippets of when Kyle did the STP this summer that I never posted... He will be posting some photos of the weekend sometime this week, so I will steal those ;)


+ Sometimes it's necessary to get a large pizza in the middle of the day
+ Sometimes you have to play Big Girls Don't Cry for your roommate so she can squish a spider
+ Sometimes social activities just don't sound so great.
+ Sometimes we have a lot of dishes and no detergent
+ Sometimes a trip to the Duck Pond with your stale bread is way too much fun
+ Sometimes you get photos of your man helping your little sister carve her pumpkin back home and it just melts your heart.
+ Sometimes you need to go try out pie shots at the new place down the street at 11pm
+ Sometimes you miss your crazy roommate while she's in Hawaii
+ Sometimes making plans for next year gets you super excited
+ Sometimes you realize this whole experience is exactly what you need

I really have some of the best roommates around.
And I really, really love my life right now.

ps. I never posted this... But I think it's still applicable... So here ya go!
Also, I am sort of giving up on high quality or decent photos. Probs ruining my "brand" but whatevsies.