Saturday, August 31, 2013

We're baaaaack

This week has been crazy!
We got home from the beach late Thursday (weather and traffic were both cray.)
Then went to a wedding reception, a missionary homecoming, and a movie night.
I stayed up till 3am to talk to my man about the charity event he went to up in Seattle
21+ so I couldn't attend. Blegh.
Then woke up at 8:30am to drive over to Eastern Washington and raft down the river with some really cool people we just met... But that's another post entirely. Or two or three. ;)
Now were saying goodbye to our cute Grandma and attending another wedding reception!
Tis the season, I guess :)

More beach photos to come soon!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

It applies, because I'm at the beach...

...But that's really the only thing.
I just like the song. Soooooo there you go!

ps. I wish I was a hipster and listened to indie music all the time and rejected mainstream and was all around "cool"... but I'm not. Just a warning.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Currently at the Oregon Coast:

Watching: Big Air
Reading: Just finished 13 Reasons Why (depressing) and The Nanny Diaries (to cheer myself up)
Listening: The rain outside. It wouldn't be a family vacation to the beach without rain...
Feeling: Sleepy. Full. Warm. Loved.
Eating: S'mores made in the microwave
Drinking: Apple juice for dayzzzzz (yo.)
Loving: Family time. And wifi ;)
Planning: Work. Can someone in Utah hire me please?

Thursday, August 22, 2013

My man turned 27. TWENTY SEVEN! It feels like just yesterday I was (slightly) freaking out when he told me he was 25. He DOES NOT look that old. And it was his 26th birthday 3 weeks later, but he wasn't going to tell me that. Time flies when you're having fun?
Anyways, here are some facts about Mr. Kyle in honor of his birthday.

1. His favourite food is cereal
2. He was nicknamed "Chunkers" as a baby (he was kind of huge.)
3. He owns a MILLION t-shirts, no joke.
4. He told me for a whole year that is favourite colour is teal, until I actually showed him what colour teal is. His favourite colour is Azure.
5. He taught himself how to slackline
6. He used to be a firefighter
7. He doesn't like salad because he does't like dressing, but he also won't eat salad plain because "then it's just rabbit food!"
8. He sometimes sleeps till 1pm on his days off
9. He shot at his first wedding when he was 18 (same as me!)
10. His main form of communication is shrugging & "sure"
11. He's lived on the same street his whole life - he was actually born in a house across the road from where he lives now!
12. He loves baseball movies
13. He did the STP (Seattle to Portland bike ride (post to come)) for the first time this year
14. He turns into a little kid just at the MENTION of Disneyland
15. He is so kind, always offering to spot someone if they can't afford something or inviting people I didn't even think of to parties/adventures etc. He's good at making sure people feel included.
16. He loves games. Videogames, obscure boardgames, you name it.
17. He is one of the funniest people I know (though I tease him, because he can't help but laugh at his own jokes)
18. He's really talkative, but not many people see that side
19. He's a little bit in love with his car. It's a 1989 Chevy Nova that he bought for $500
20. He has 7 siblings (He is the second to last in the lineup)
21. He's one of the most ticklish people I know
22. He is super picky about condiments/sauces
23. His favourite TV show is Fraiser, though when we first met he told me it was The Daily Show
24. He wears flip flops 98% of the time
25. He gets super snuggly when he's tired
26. He always wants to live near water
27. He's pretty much the only person that can snap me out of a lumpy mood

Happy birthday to my bestest friend and all around favourite person :)

What cuties.

I've decided taking photos of kids is one of my favourite things to do.
These are my cousins, taken in Utah during some family photos.
Aren't they gorgeous? I'm just a little jealous ;)


"Never give up on anyone. And that includes never giving up on yourself."

Dieter F. Uchtdof

Monday, August 19, 2013

T-2 Days

Birthdays, as I've said before, are a big deal at my house.
And it's this cutie's birthday on Wednesday!
We're going Go Karting and trying a new burger place to celebrate :)

I think I'm more excited than he is.

C & P

I love love.
And I love too many of these photos.
C posted some of her favourites over on her blog too :)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Avoid Editing Photos: A Guide

1. Open all photos needing to be weeded and edited
2. Start weeding.

3. At around 25 photos, open an internet page.
4. Check ALL social media.
5. Stalk some people on Instagram.
6. Stalk some people on Facebook.
7. Stalk some blogs.
    BONUS: If they are photo blogs, make yourself feel inadequate.
    (My blogs af choice are Tim Coulson or Andria Lindquist)

8. Start talking to people on Facebook
9. Take obnoxious photos of yourself and send them to your boyfriend

10. Make pasta
11. Give up and get ready for work
12. Repeat tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I like sad things

I know that's weird, but I like sad things. I like happy things too, of course, but mainly sad things.
NOT "angsty-I-hate-my-life-rage-my-life-sucks" sad things (those are not sad. those are hormones.)
I like things that are beautiful sad. For example: my favourite book (for now) is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.
Or The Heart in the Bottle (that's a picture book I talked about here.) Favourite movie? The Dead Poet's Society.
Above is one of my favourite songs along the "beautifully sad" line of things. Kirs and I took a roadtrip to Rexburg, ID back in March to visit our siblings. But Rexburg being... well, Rexburg (if you've been there you know what I'm talking about),
I was going a little stir crazy from being there too long. So I caught a ride with some people down to Provo to visit other friends I have there, and on the way back this song was part of the driver's playlist. Then I obsessed over it for like a month.
Every now and again I look it up and today was just one of those days.

Hope you like it!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I'm a housewife

(Haha not really. I just thought the subject matter of this post makes me seem like it, which TOTALLY contradicts my "we're not getting married" post below)

Did you know I used to be really great at documenting life? I did!
I took my camera EVERYWHERE. Even going to the groccery store! I don't really do that anymore (read: at all)
And that makes me kind of sad.
I barely took any photos on this last roadtrip to Utah,which my Mum and I did all on our own. I've never really had alone time with her like that before and there is next to no proof that it actually happened! I think it's in part because of my new lens, that I LOVE but doesn't really work with my camera (the whole crop body thing, you know?) but also because I'm dating a professional photographer.

And that's just intimidating.

Even though he doesn't read this blog and would never see the photos.

Anyways... Long explanation just to say: I am making it a goal to carry my camera more.
Then work up to using it all the time again. Because I'm really great at taking photos so other people have memories (engagements/family photos/weddings etc.) but I don't have any memories of my own anymore.

I was also very sad I didn't take my camera today because Kyle and I had SUCH a great adventure. We drove around as the sun set, talking & laughing & (me) singing, then stopped along the way and picked blackberries on the side of road. Then we came home and made blackberry/apple crumble.

I know.

Soooo more pictures from now on! Not just the stuff I do for other people, but the stuff for me too :)