Tuesday, January 26, 2016

hello, it's me.

hello again, little internet corner.

do people even still blog? is this a thing?

I stopped about a year ago (2014, man. those were the days.) but here I am, once again.
because sometimes you need a place, you know? I'm feeling a little lost in this big world, to be honest, so a place seems like a perfect thing right about now.

life update: kyle and I got married! finally. in the most perfect wedding that you ever did see. I quit school. I'm thinking about rejoining. I work two jobs, both that I don't like very much (one, more so than the other.) what is it about retail managers and thinking that working at the mall should be your end-all-be-all? I feel like I'm working really hard for no outcome, so I'm hoping to change that.

round two. let's see how this goes.