Thursday, August 14, 2014

for whatever we lose

(like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves 
we find in the sea

Our second stop on our trip was to my cousin's in Port Fairy. This one is going to be spread across a couple days, since it was such a beautiful little place I couldn't stop taking photos. My cousins own some holiday units only feet from the beach, so after bringing in our luggage we headed straight there. Of course, it's winter here, so it was a little chilly but wonderful none the less. Billy was brave and actually got wet, while the rest of us shivered in our coats. On our way back to the units, it totally started pouring rain so I didn't take any photos of the cute houses that make up Port Fairy. I was going to come back another time, but we had so many other things planned that it just didn't happen... I did, however, look up one of the boutique hotels - The Drift House - and have decided that I really do need to stay there during the summer sometime :)

Dear Kyle,
On all my little walks on the beach,
I kept spotting excellent photo spots
and thinking, "Kyle would love this."
This is your kind of place.
Love, Tay

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